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Travel Insurance: To Do or Not to Do?

What do you say when someone asks you if you want travel insurance on your trip? I say "No" 70% of the time before I became a travel agent. Now I say "Yes" 70% of the time and "No" 30% of the time. Here are some key reasons why.

For car rentals and small trips in the US I typically decline because I have medical and dental coverage. I plan my trips with more than enough time to accommodate any flight delays and cancellations. Mostly because I know that trip is definite.

Whereas, for International Travel I will pay for Travel Insurance. Here are my 3 reasons why.

1. Murphy's Law- Especially with flights and family travel. When dealing with international flights I want to make sure my money doesn't go to waste. Example: Your vacation cost you $3ooo and the insurance is an additional $300. I will pay the $300 because if my flight is delayed or cancelled causing me to lose a day on my trip. I can file a claim for partial reimbursement (which can range upward of $200 per day*) for the day I lost and the flight issues I experienced.

2. Many US Health Insurance do not cover oversees medical and dental expenses. Also, for an additional fee most travel insurance will cover preexisting conditions. Example: If you get sick and need to go the ER. That bill can be significantly less because your trip insurance will cover majority of the cost.

3. Have ever had your baggage stolen or notice key items "missing" while on your vacation. This is something that is covered in your travel insurance as well.

All and all I would 100% recommend travel protection for any travel plans you may have valued over $1500 this ensures your money is not wasted or lost while on vacation. This provides an added value of PIECE OF MIND.

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