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Holiday Travel Tips

1. Plan in advance

If you can plan the trip at least 6 to 9 months out. This allows time to make payments on your trip. Working with an agent to get you the better flights and making your travel a more peaceful process during a busy season.

2 Arrive at the airport EARLY!

When the holidays come around you are 1 of thousands of people needed to get to a destination. TSA is not going to guarantee 30 to 45 minutes for you to get through the security. If you're traveling with kids, especially little tykes please add and additional hr for check in, baggage, and security. Remember they have to scan the strollers through security.Total please be there at least 3 to 4 hrs before your flight.

3. Plan your transportation in advance.

If you can book your transportation with your agent perfect. We will confirm and update the transportation company 24 hrs before your departure. Along with providing your flight plan to them so they can watch and monitor your flight. If you didn’t book your transportation with your flight and hotel please book your transportation at least 24 hrs before you depart. Please provide a detailed flight plan so they can monitor your flight. Also accommodate time for baggage if you checked luggage.

4. Make sure you have all the proper visas for travel.

When traveling outside the USA you may need visas to enter and exit the company. Some you can purchase at the airport through the airlines others you need to get permission from the State Department before you travel. Make sure you keep up with your paperwork during your travels. Store your originals in a safe place in your hotel and keep a copy on you at all times you never know when you may need it. Especially in Mexico, there have been lots of causes people thinking they are being scammed for losing their exit papers when in actuality you are giving an entrance paper that has a second side to that states you need this for exit. Never throw away documentation you receive when going through Customs.

5. Have fun & Take Photos

Bring your camera and extra chargers to make sure you get to capture all those magical moments. If you don’t have a camera, grab a power bank and get photo ready for selfies and fun pictures. These are magical moments that you definitely want to capture from your holiday travels.



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