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Travel Tip Thursdays

Traveling can be so much fun, but the packing to go home can be somewhat daunting. I use to be that person that would throw everything and the kitchen sink into my suitcases. But traveling for a living has taught me to downsize!

Learning Lesson #1

My first assignment was in the beautiful state of California. By the way, it's my #2 option for moving to one day. The ATL is home, but I have to admit California has been calling my name. Anywho...

As I was saying, my first assignment was in Cali. I enjoyed the beautiful weather and all of the shopping! I had so much fun exploring the outside malls, boutiques, wineries, the local eateries and the wonderful art. It was all so new and exciting. I had to do my part in boosting the local economy.

With that being said, it was time to leave and I found myself surrounded by several bags and boxes of wonderful goodies I had purchased. And I didn't have enough storage space in my suitcases.

What was my first lesson you ask? Well it wasn't not to shop. It was if you going to shop while out of town, ship from the store to your home. Now for some items it's not worth the shipping fee. But many stores offer free shipping based on the amount spent at the store. Now for some this may not be new, but I didn't even think of this as an option. I had planned on taking the items back over time. However, plans change and I had to leave sooner than expect.

Needless to say, packing day was a hoot and I won't say how much it ending up costing me. Let's just say it was a pretty penny for the lesson learned. The great thing was that with the help of some friends we got it done and between suites cases and shipping. All items got home safe and sound!

I hope you found this post to be humorous and insightful. Stayed tuned for the next blog on traveling....


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