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Why I Love What I Do?

As most people in my generation where raised, you do well in high school to get into a great college/university, so you can graduate and start your career. But for me that was not my calling. I tried it and I was suffocating.

Going to a "job" to get a "check", just wasn't enough. I would start the work week already ready for the weekend. Anyone every have that feeling?

Then I got bit. Bit by what? The Hospitality Bug! I was working in a "job" to get a "check" but something was different. I found this "job" to be interesting and ever changing. Each day was different. I began to eagerly await to see what the day held. At the time I was working as a Sales Assistant at a limited service property in Downtown Atlanta.

From there I started working at a full service property in Buckhead and my life changed. I had opened the door to my passion! I loved the high energy and guest interaction. My days began to be filled with wonderful moments that turned into memorable stories.

I took another step a little over a year ago by opening my own travel agency. I wanted to blend two loves into one! I love to travel! I starting traveling for my consulting business about 5 years ago. I have had the pleasure of working at properties across the USA! I have been to different cities that were not on my bucket list. Opening the travel agency would allow me to help others enjoy the beauty traveling offers. I went to my now partner and suggested that we look into starting our own travel agency...And Southern Hospitality Travel Agency was born.

And when people ask me, Why do you do what you do? I can honestly reply...because I LOVE IT! Don't get me wrong, the days can be long and some days you spend more time putting out fires before they happen. But it wouldn't change how much I love what I do. Helping people create moments is a gift and one I am thoroughly passionate about.

I love to hear a bride and groom share their vision for their special day! Or a meeting planner share what's important to her client regarding their up coming conference. Being there to help them shine and ensure that their event(s) go off without a hitch. Helping a client who is preparing to celebrate a relatives birthday make travel plans for their family members and making sure all of their travel arrangements are complete and they are prepared for a wonderful trip on such a momentous occasion. Helping a client to select a destination for their next family vacation or girl's trip. Introducing a client to a new destination or a new adventure. Helping them narrow down the best option based on their budget and overall trip/vacation goals. Sitting down with a client and hearing their vision for their business and how I can help them grow. These and many other client interactions fuel my fire. It's a gift to be apart of someone birthing something from a thought into a reality. A gift I don't take lightly.

So, what drives you? What wakes you up ready to start the day? If it's not what your doing now, then think about what it could be? Life is too short to go to a "job" to get a "check". If you think about there are 168 hours in a week ( 7 days). Of that time you spend 50-60 at work, 1 - 5 hours of it traveling to/from work, 35-40 hours are for sleeping (if your lucky) and 48 hours with family and friends, 3-10 hours with your spiritual community, and a few hours left for other tasks, to-do's, etc. As you can see you spend the majority of your time at work. So, why not spend that time doing something you love? You get the best of both worlds. You can do what you love and get paid for it!

So, if nothing else, I hope that I have motivated you to search within and find your passion. Hopefully, you will take a bold move to pursue your passion and live your best life!

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