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Top 10 Beaches

When I became a travel agent it was to pursue a dream for travel, to provide customer service and planning to allow others to do so as well. We have been traveling and wanted to share some beautiful beaches we have seen and ones we can't wait to go to.

With traveling you always want to see the beautiful hidden gems or even research the best places to visit during your trip. We are no different! I am always googling, searching Instagram and seeing all these magnificent beaches and my list keeps growing. I have finally narrowed it down to my favorite 10 beaches you have to visit.

Santorini , Greece

The beaches in Santorini are amazing. Honestly all the Greek islands are beyond beautiful. Something about those waters scream peace and relaxation. I can't wait til we are island hopping the Greek islands over 10 day and I will spend every day on a beach.

For me being in water is soothing and relaxing. I remember going to the beach when I had long days or just need to clear my head. When I lived in Florida and needed a break or wanted to have fun I always went to Lauderdale Beach or Deerfield Beach. Trust I know its not Greece or Jamaica but is beautiful and quiet.

Arial view of Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Next up is the Caribbean with many beaches to choose from. Beaches in Negril (picture on the left, RIU Negril)are my favorite beaches in Jamaica. My mom loved the beaches in Cabo San Lucas (middle picture,Grand Fiesta Americana) in Mexico and I loved visiting the beaches in the Bahamas(picture to the right, Grand Hyatt).

What do you think when you look at all these amazing beaches? Leave a a comment below of your favorite beaches.

Over Water Cabana Maldives

Manly Beach, Australia

Waikiki Beach Hawaii

Playa Conchal Costa Rica

Montego Bay, Jamaica


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