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Alaska Cruise

There is a lot of exciting cruises that await your attention and enjoyment for 2020! Today we are going to focus on Royal Caribbean's Alaska Cruise!

Now this destination is not new. But let me share why it interests me. I am not a cold environment type of gal! I lived in NY/NJ for 5 years and I couldn't handle the winters. I remember getting to work and heading straight for the Ladies Room upon arrival. I had to hold my hands under warm ( was hot) water to thaw them out. Yes...years later I learned this was the worst thing one could do to their skin. Luckily, I suffered no damage. Anyone who knows me, is like for real? Alaska...and the answer is YES!

Why? For one there are so many unique activities to explore. There is Whale Watching, Crabbing and Fishing, Gold Panning, Kayaking, Dog Sledding and more. If you love wildlife, there is so much to see! Whether your interest lies with the Bald Eagle, Bears, Wolves, Salmon, Seals or Sheep. Alaska has it covered.

Let's not forget the Glaciers and the North Star! If you are looking for those captivating views these cruises will have your camera memory full!!

Hubbard Glacier

We have three ships to choose from for the Alaska Cruises for 2019-2020! The Radiance of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas, and Serenade of the Seas are full of fun and adventure. If you would like more information click here.



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